R.I.P. Michael Crichton

Just heard/read that Micheal Crichton died:

God, I can't believe it!! The first book I bought myself was from Michael Crichton and back then I didn't even knew that he was such a famous writer. It was "Sphere". But since then I loved his books and it's a real shame that I still have three books here which I haven't read right now :(

*sigh* RIP Michael Crichton :(

meme again^^

ok, got this from zed_pm again ...

Comment on this post and I'll give you a band. Don't worry, I'll make it one you know and love. You put your ten favourite songs by that band on your LJ and challenge others to do the same.

she gave me STING although it's no real band, she just hit the target *g* ... well... hopefully I'm alowed to add song with him and the police :)

1. every breath you take
2. all for love (together with Brian Adams and Rod Steward)
3. fields of gold
4. until
5. every little thing she does is magic
6. desert rose
7. english man in New York
8. shape of my heart
9. message in a bottle
10. fragile

Wasn't so hard..... the first six, every single one, has its own meaning for me...memories are bound with them.. :)

So, I guess it's your, please comment ;)
working Jack

just a litle...boredom

"needed" a new backgorund for my desktop..although I'm not tired of my old with my dear love, I just felt that it is time for something new....

came up with this:

edited version ;) ... now available in 1280x800. if anyone requests them in any other size... just ask ;)

I chose thes first. Need something "warm".

edit: oh..and I just invented two/three new Icons... could for LJ-use.... *hm*



Are you bored? Nothing to do? You feel like playing some funny games?

1) Can you see what problems "people" have? Do you think you can help them? Well...try yourself with cuddly toys ;) parapluesch. They're all pretty funny, can't decide who my favourit is, but Kroko is sooooo cute *hihi*

2) Is there a little devil inside you? Do you like spitefulness? So you're right: here or the christmas-special